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Урок 6

1. It’s nine o’clock.
2. It’s nine thirty
3. It’s nine forty-five
4. It’s ten o’clock
5. It’s ten fifteen.
6. It’s two o’clock.
7. It’s two thirty.
8. It’s two forty-five.
9. It’s three o’clock.
10. It’s three fifteen.

- What time is it, please?
- It’s nine o’clock
- Thank you very much.

6.3 Lena’s schooldays.
Well, on schooldays I get up at seven forty-five. I have breakfast at eight and I go to school at eight thirty. I have lunch in school with my friends, that’s at twelve fifteen – it’s early
in our school. I leave school at tree thirty in the afternoon and I walk home with my friends. I get home at four thirty. I go to bed at eleven
o’clock on schooldays, but not at the weekends.

What time do you get up?
What time do you have breakfast?

1. gets up
has a shower
2. has breakfast
3. leaves home
goes to work
4. has lunch
5. works late
leaves work
6. buys
gets home
7. goes out
8. goes to bed

He usually works late.
He sometimes buys a pizza.
He never goes out in the evening.

1. – What time does he get up?
– He gets up at six o’clock.
2. – When does he go to bed?
– He goes to bed at eleven forty-five.
3. – Does he go to work by taxi?
– Yes, he does.
4. – Does he have lunch in a restaurant?
– No, he doesn’t.
5. – Does he go out in the evening?
– No, he doesn’t.

1. – What time does he have breakfast?
– He has breakfast at six forty-five.
2. – When does he live home?
– He leaves home at seven fifteen.
3. – Does he go to work by bus?
– No, he doesn’t. He goes to work by taxi.
4. – Where does he have lunch?
– He has lunch in his office.
5. – Does he usually work late?
– Yes, he does.
6. – Does he eat in a restaurant?
– No, he doesn’t. He sometimes buys
a pizza and eats it at home.
7. – What does he do in the evening?
– He works at his computer.

6.9 Katya’s day.
Katya is twenty-five. She’s an artist. She lives in a small house in the country. She usually gets up at ten o’clock in the morning. She never get’s up early. She has coffee and toast for breakfast and then she goes for a walk with her dog. She gets home at eleven o’clock and she paints in her studio until seven o’clock in the evening. Then she cooks dinner and drinks a glass of wine. After dinner, she sometimes listens to music and she sometimes plays the piano. She usually goes to bed very late, at one or two o’clock in the morning.


1. She doesn’t live in the town. She lives in the country.
2. He doesn’t get up at ten o’clock. He gets up at
six o’clock.
3. She doesn’t have a big breakfast. She has
coffee and toast.
4. He doesn’t have a dog. She has a dog.
5. She doesn’t work in an office. She works at
6. He doesn’t cook dinner in the evening. He
buys a pizza.
7. She doesn’t go to bed early. She goes to bed
8. They don’t go out in the evening. They stay at

6.11 Words that go together.

get up early.
go to bed late.
listen to music.
watch TV.
cook dinner.
work in an office.
go shopping.
have a shower.
eat in restaurants.
drink beer.
play the piano.
stay at home.


1. Do you get up early?
2. Do you have a big breakfast?
3. Do you walk to school?
Do you walk to work?
4. Do you go to school by bus?
Do you go to work by bus?
5. Do you watch TV in the evening?
6. Do you go shopping at the weekend?
7. Do you eat in restaurants?
8. Do you drink wine?
9. Do you go to bed late?

6.13 Days of the week.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

On Sunday
On Monday
On Tuesday
On Saturday evening
On Thursday morning
On Friday afternoon
At nine o’clock
At ten thirty
At twelve fifteen
At the weekend
In the morning
In the afternoon
In the evening

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