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Урок 8

living room
dining room

a bed
a cooker
a sofa
a TV
a shower
a table
a CD player
an armchair
a lamp
a picture
a magazine
a video recorder

8.3 Nicole’s living room.
My living room isn’t very big, but I love it. There’s a sofa, and there are two armchairs. There’s a small table with a TV on it, and there are a lot of books. There’s a CD player, and there are some CDs. There are pictures on the wall, and there are two lamps. It’s a very comfortable room.

– Is there a sofa?
– Yes, there is.
– Is there a computer?
– No, there isn’t.
– Are there any armchair?
– Yes, there are.
– Are there any photographs?
– No, there aren’t.

8.5 Nicole’s bedroom.
1.Nicole’s mobile phone is on the bed.
2. The magazine is next to the phone.
3. Her CD player is on the floor next to the bed.
4. Her car keys are in the drawer.
5. Her bag is on the floor under the chair.
6. The books are under her bed.

1. Do you live in a house or a flat?
2. How many bedrooms are there?
3. Is there a telephone in the kitchen?
4. is there a television in the living room?
5. Is there a video recorder under the television?
6. Are there a lot of books in your bedroom?
7. Are there any pictures on the wall?

8.7 The living room.
There’s a cat on the sofa and there’s a telephone on a small table next to the sofa. There’s a CD player with some CDs under it. Not a lot of CDs. There isn’t a television and there aren’t any pictures or photographs on the walls. There’s one lamp, it’s next to the table with the telephone. There are two tables and two armchairs. There are some books under one of the tables.

8.8 Sydney.

How to have a good time in Sydney.
Sydney has everything you want in a city. It’s beautiful, it has old and new buildings, there are fantastic beaches, and the food is delicious.

When to go.
The best times to visit are spring and autumn. In summer it is very hot.

Where to stay.
There are cheap hotels in King’s Cross. A room is about $50 a night. There are international hotels in the center. Here a room is about $150 a night.

What to do.
Sydney has theatres and cinemas, and of course, the Opera House. The best shops are in Pitt Street. Go to the harbour. There are beaches, walks, parks, and cafes and, of course, the wonderful bridge. Sydney has the famous Bondi Beach. People go swimming, surfing, windsurfing, and sailing. For night-life, there are clubs and bars in Oxford Street.

What to eat.
There are restaurants from every country – Italian, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Australians eat a lot of seafood – it’s very fresh.

How to travel.
There are fast trains and slow buses. The best way to see Sydney is by ferry.

8.9 My home town.
G'day! My name is Darren, and I live in a house with my brother and a friend. We live in Bondi and we all love surfing. We often go surfing in the morning before work. I'm an engineer, I work in the centre
of Sydney for a big international company. I go to work by train. My office is in Macarthur Street, very near the Harbour. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go running at lunchtime. It's very hot in summer, but it's beautiful. I sometimes go with friends from work. We run near the Opera House. My girlfriend likes to go shopping on Saturday. There is a great market in Paddington, and there are some great clothes shops in Oxford Street. On Saturday night, we often go to Chinatown. The food is fantastic, and really cheap. Or we stay in Bondi because there are a lot of really good little Thai and Italian restaurants here. I usually relax on Sunday, when the weather is good, we go to the beach. Manly Beach. We go by ferry. When it's wet, we go to the pub.

8.10 Directions

1. Go down King's Road. Turn right at the Grand Hotel into Charles Street. It's next to the cinema.
2. Go straight on, past Charles Street and past Park Lane. It's on the left, next to the supermarket.
3. Go down King's Road. Turn right at the church. Go down Station Road. It's a big building on the right.
4. Go down King's Road. Turn left at the bank into Charles Street. It's on the right, next to the theatre.
5. Go straight on. It’s on Kings Road, on the left, next to the post office.

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