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Урок 11

11.1 What can they do?
1. Josh is a schoolboy. He can use a computer.
2. Sharon is an athlete. She can run fast.
3. Lucy is an architect. She can draw well.
4. Ted is an interpreter. He can speak French and German.
5. Archie is a farmer. He can drive a tractor.
6. Mabel is a grandmother. She can make cakes.

– Can Josh use a computer?
– Yes, he can.
– Can you use a computer?
– Yes, I can.
– Can Lucy draw well?
– Yes, she can.
– Can you draw well?
– No, I can't. I can't draw at all!

He can speak Spanish. They can't speak Spanish. Can you speak Spanish? Yes, I can.


– Can you use a computer, Josh?
– Yes, of course I can. All my friends can. I use a computer at school and at home.
– That's very good. What other things can you do?
– Well, I can run fast, very fast, and I can draw a bit. I can draw planes and cars very well but I can't drive a car of course. When I'm big I want to be a farmer and drive a tractor. – And I know you can speak French.
– Yes, I can. I can speak French very well because my dad’s
French. We sometimes speak French at home.
– Can you speak any other languages?
– No, I can't. I can't speak German or Spanish, just French - and English of course! And I can cook! I can make cakes. My grandma makes lovely cakes and I sometimes help her. Yesterday we made a big chocolate cake.

1. I can use a computer.
2. She can't speak German.
3. He can speak English very well.
4. Why can't you come to my party?
5. We can't understand our teacher.
6. They can read music.
7. Can we have an ice-cream?
8. Can't cats swim?

11. 6 Tito.
I come from South America, from Argentina, but now I live and work in England, in London. I can speak four languages – Spanish, of course, French, German, and English. I can speak English very well now but in the beginning it was very difficult for me. I can drive a car and I can ride a horse – I don't ride in London but when I'm back home in Argentina I ride. I can't ski and I can't cook very well and I can’t play the piano – but I can play the guitar.

1. – Can you tell me the time, please?
– It's about three thirty.
2. – Can you speak more slowly, please?
– I'm sorry. Can you understand now?
3. – Can you come to my party?
– I'm sorry. I can't. It's my grandma's birthday.
4. – Can I help you?
– Yes, please. I want to buy this postcard.
5. – Can I have a cold drink, please?
– Yes, of course. Do you want Coca-Cola or orange juice?

11.8 The Internet. Its history.

The Internet started in the 1960s. The United States Department of Defense started it because they wanted a computer network to help the American military. In the 1970s scientists worked on it. Then in the 1980s telephone companies made it possible to communicate on the computer network in many more countries. An international computer language was born, and the Net went worldwide.

What can it do.
You can use the Internet for many things. You can buy a car or a house; you can book a holiday; you can watch a video; you can read an Australian newspaper or a Japanese magazine; you can buy books and CDs from North and South America; you can play chess with a partner in Moscow; or you can just chat to people from all over the world. The list is endless!

11. 9
1 . Fleur.
I use the Internet a lot. Every day, I think. It helps me with my homework. It helps me with everything. Yesterday I did an English test. It was quite difficult.

2. Anya.
My brother's in Japan. I can’t phone Japan, it's very expensive – so Paul (that's my brother) and me – we 'talk' in chat rooms on the Internet. We talk late, at about 11 o'clock in the evening – well, it’s evening here, but it's eight o'clock in the morning in Japan.

3. Tito.
I play the guitar and I can find lots of songs on the Internet. Yesterday I got the words and music for Can't buy me love, you know, by the Beatles. I can play it now. I use the Internet at weekends because it's cheap then.

4. Henry.
Well, my family's name is Krum and I want to write about my family, so every day I chat to people from all over the world, Canada, Germany, Argentina - people who have the name Krum. They send me information about their families. It's really interesting.
5. Tommy.
I play games. And I go to chat rooms. And I go on websites for my favourite pop groups and football players. I want to be on the web all the time, but my mum says I can't. She says I can only use it after school for an hour, and then I stop.
6. Iris.
I go shopping on the Internet. Every Friday I go to my son's house and I use his computer. It's fantastic - the supermarket brings all my shopping to my home.

11.10 What's the problem?
1. – Come on! It's time to go to the airport.
– But I can't find my passport.
– You put it in your bag.
– Did I? Oh, yes. Here it is! Phew!
2. – Excuse me!
– Y e s ?
– This ticket machine doesn't work. I put in two pounds, but I didn't get a ticket.
– Did you push this button?
– Oh! No, I didn't.
– Ah, well. Here you are.
– Thank you very much.
3. – Excuse me.
– Y e s ?
– Can you help me! I'm lost.
– Where do you want to go?
– To the railway station.
– Go straight on. About two hundred metres. It's on your left.

4. – I don't understand this word.
– Check it in your dictionary.
– My dictionary's at home. Can I borrow yours?
– OK. No problem. Here you are.
5. – Oh no!
– What's the matter?
– The TV's broken.
– Good! Perhaps we can talk this evening.
– But I want to watch a film.
– Go to the cinema, then.

6. – I'm really sorry. I forgot your birthday.
– It doesn't matter.
– It was on the tenth, wasn't it?
– Yes, it was.
– Well, here are some flowers.
– Oh, thank you very much. They're beautiful.

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