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Урок 12

You can buy stamps in a post office. You can buy a dictionary in a book shop. You can buy a computer magazine in a newsagent. You can change money in a bank. You can buy a CD in a music shop. You can get a cup of coffee in a cafe. You can send an email in an Internet cafe.

12.2 A trip into town
1. – Good morning. I'd like a stamp for this letter to Venezuela, please.
– That's 75p.
– Thank you.
– Here you are, and 25p change.
– Thanks a lot. Bye.
2 – I'd like a cup of coffee, please.
– Would you like black or white?
– Black, please.
– All right. Here you are. One pound twenty, please.
3. – Hello. I'd like to buy a Spanish/English dictionary.
– OK. Would you like a big dictionary or a minidictionary?
– Just a minidictionary, please.
– This one is £4.99.
– That's fine. Thank you very much.

I’d like a stamp. I’d like a cup of coffee.
Would you like black or white?
I’d like to buy a dictionary.
Would you like a big dictionary or a minidictionary?

12.4 Where is Enrique?
1. – Can I help you?
– Yes. I'd like the new CD by Gary Alright, please.
– There you are.
– How much is that?
– £11.99
– Thank you very much.

2. – I'd like to send an email, please.
– Take PC number ten.
– Thanks a lot.

3. – Hello. I’d like this month's PC Worldwide magazine, please.
– Here you are. That's £2.20 please.
– Thank you very much. Bye.
4. – Two tickets for James Bond, please.
– Eight pounds forty, please.
– Thanks. What time does the film start?
– Seven thirty.
– Thanks very much.
5. – Good afternoon. Can I help you?
– Yes, please. I'd like to change some traveller's cheques, please.
– Certainly. Are they in American dollars?
– Yes, they are.
– Fine. That's £115 and 25p.
– Thank you very much.

What would I like for my birthday? That's easy. I'd like to have breakfast in bed. With the newspapers. And in the evening I'd like to go to the theatre
Well, I'd like a new computer, because my computer is so old that the new programs don't work on it. And then in the evening, I'd like to go to a good restaurant. I don't mind if it's Italian, French, Chinese, or Indian. Just good food.
I don't have a mobile phone, and all my friends have one, so what I'd really like is my own mobile. They aren't expensive these days. And in the evening, I'd like to go out with all my friends and have a great time!

1. Would you like a Coke?
2. I like orange juice.
3. We'd like to go for a walk.
4. What do you like doing at the weekend?
5. We like our new car.

fish cheese salad mineral water soup vegetables chicken fries tomato fruit

12.8 Joe's diner
- Are you ready to order?
- Yes, we are. Renate, what would you like to start?
- Can I have the tomato soup, please?
- And I'd like the seafood cocktail.
- And for your main course?
- I would like the er ... roast chicken, please.
- Certainly. And for you?
- Can I have the steak, please?
- How would you like it cooked?
- Medium.
- What would you like to drink?
- Can we have a bottle of red wine, please?
- Very good.
- And we'd like a bottle of mineral water, too.
- Thank you very much.
- Is everything all right?
- Delicious, thank you.

1. – When was Mary Alston's birthday?
– It was yesterday.
2. – Did she have a party?
– Yes, she did.
3. – Does she eat fresh food?
– No, she doesn't.
4. – What does she eat?
– Popcorn, pizza, and burgers.
5. – What was her job?
– She was a teacher.
6. – Where was she born?
– On a farm in Pennsylvania.
7. – When did she marry?
– She married in 1915.
8. – What time does she get up?
– She gets up at six o'clock.
9. – Where does she go every Friday?
– She goes to the hairdresser.
10. – What did she say to her granddaughter?
– I’d like a cheeseburger and fries!

12.10 Going shopping

1. – Excuse me! Where can I buy a film for my camera?
– In a chemist.
– Is there a chemist near here?
– Yes, two hundred metres from here, next to the bank.
2. – Can I help you?
– No, thanks. I'm just looking.
3. – Excuse me! Do you have this shirt in a medium?
– No, I'm sorry. That's all we have.
4. – I'd like to try on a pair of jeans, please.
– Sure. What size are you?
– I think I'm a forty.
– Fine. The changing rooms are over there.
5. – Yes, madam. What would you like?
– I'd like a kilo of potatoes, please.
– Anything else?
– No, that's all, thanks. How much is that?
6. – Excuse me! Do you sell Spanish newspapers?
– No, I'm sorry, we don't.
– Where can I buy them?
– Try the railway station.

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