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Урок 13

1. George's jacket is black. Sadie's jacket is red.
2. His trousers are grey. Her trousers are green.
3. Her shirt is yellow. His shirt is white.
4. Her shoes are blue. His shoes are brown.

13.2 George on holiday.
Now George is on holiday in Thailand with his wife. He’s wearing a white T-shirt. His wife is reading a book. They’re having lunch. ‘We’re having a great holiday’, says George.

He’s wearing a T-shirt.
She’s reading a book.
They’re having lunch.
We’re having a great holiday.

1. He's cooking.
2. He's driving.
3. He's having a shower.
4. She's writing.
5. She's skiing.
6. She's eating an ice-cream.
7. They're running.
8. They're dancing.
9. They're playing football.

13.5 Sadie.
– What are you doing here in Milan, Sadie?
– I’m working. There is a big fashion show here.
– Are you staying in a hotel?
– No, I’m not. I’m staying with friends.
– Are you having a good time in Milan?
– Yes, I am. I’m enjoying it very much.
– Now Sadie, tell the listeners. What are you wearing now?
– I’m not wearing anything special! I’m just wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
– Thank you, Sadie. It was nice to talk to you.
– Thank you.

1. – What are you reading?
– A love story.
2. – What are you watching?
– The news.
3. – Where are you going?
– To my bedroom.
4. – Why are you wearing three jumpers?
– Because I'm cold.
5. – What are you eating?
- Chocolate.
6. – How many cakes are you making?
– Five.
7. – Who are you talking to?
– My girlfriend.

a shirt
a skirt
a jumper
a dress
a jacket
a coat
a hat
a tie

1. She has long, fair hair.
2. He has short, black hair.
3. She has blue eyes.
4. He has brown eyes.

13.9 What's the matter?
1. She's cold.
2. He's hungry.
3. They're tired.
4. He's thirsty.
5. They're hot.
6. She's bored.

- What’s the matter?
- I’m tired and thirsty
- Why don’t you have a cup of tea?
- That’s a good idea.

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