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14.1 Ellie's holiday plans.
I'm going on holiday to Mexico next Friday, so next week's very busy. On Monday I'm collecting my tickets from the travel agent. I'm going on holiday with my friends Ed and Lucy, so on Tuesday I'm meeting them after work and we're going shopping. On Wednesday I'm seeing the doctor at eleven o'clock, then I'm having lunch with mum. On Thursday I'm leaving work early and I'm packing. I'm taking just a bag and a rucksack.
Then it's Friday. Friday's the big day! At six thirty in the morning I'm going by taxi to the airport. I'm meeting Ed and Lucy there and at nine thirty we're flying to Mexico City. I'm very excited!

What’s she doing on Monday?
She’s collecting her tickets.

– What are you doing?
– I'm reading about Mexico.
– Why?
– Because I'm going there on holiday soon.
– Oh lovely! When are you leaving?
– We're leaving next Friday.
– Who are you going with? My friends Ed and Lucy.
– How are you travelling?
– We're travelling by plane to Mexico City, then by bus and train around the country.
– Where are you staying?
– We're staying in small hotels and hostels.
– You're so lucky! Have a good time!
– Thanks very much.

14.4 Marco's holiday plans.
- Marco's going on holiday.
- Oh, where's he going?
- To Banff, in Canada.
- Why is he going there?
- Because it's good for skiing and he wants to go skiing.
- When is he leaving?
- Next week on the third of March.
- How is he travelling?
- By plane to Vancouver and then by train to Banff.
- Where is he staying?
- In the Banff Springs Hotel.
- And how long is he staying?
- Just ten days.

1. – I got up early.
– Are you getting up early tomorrow?
2. – I went swimming.
– Are you going swimming tomorrow?
3 – I walked to work.
– Are you walking to work tomorrow?
4. – I had lunch in my office.
– Are you having lunch in your office tomorrow?
5. – I left work late.
– Are you leaving work late tomorrow?
6. – I met a friend.
– Are you meeting a friend tomorrow?
7. – We had dinner in a restaurant.
– Are you having dinner in a restaurant tomorrow?

14.6 An amazing journey.

- This is an amazing car, John. When did you buy it?
- In 1964, when I was a student.
- And how much did it cost?
- £505.
- Why did YOU buy it?
- Because I wanted to travel. In 1966 I drove to Moscow, Finland, and the Arctic Circle.
- Does your wife like the Mini?
- Oh, yes. She loves it. We married in 1967 and we drove to Australia via India. We stayed in Australia for over thirty years.
- When did you come back to England?
- Last month.
- Are you going back to Australia?
- Yes, we are. We're flying back next month.
- Are you leaving the Mini in England?
- No, we aren't. The Mini is travelling by ship.

1. We wanted to have a holiday in Rome.
2. We booked the hotel and the flight.
3. We collected our tickets from the travel agent.
4. We packed our bags.
5. We went to the airport.
6. We caught the plane.
7. We arrived in Rome.
8. We went sightseeing.
9. We had a great time.

1. – Hello. Can I help you?
– Yes. I'd like a map of the town, please.
– Here you are.
– Thank you.
2. – We'd like to go on a bus tour of the city.
– That's fine. The next bus leaves at ten o’clock. It takes an hour.
– Where does the bus go from?
– It goes from the railway station in Princes Street.
3. – We'd like to visit the museum. When is it open?
– From ten o'clock to five o'clock every day.
– How much is it to get in?
– It's free.

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