Группа 1


Лимонов 12%
Зюганов 11%
Группа 2


Ходорковский 11%
Каспаров 7%
Группа 3


Алферов 13%
Проханов 8%
Группа 4


Алкснис 8%
Лужков 5%
Группа 5


Курьянович 7%
Абрамович 5%
Группа 6


Мухин 13%
Илларионов 4%
Группа 7


Задорнов 7%
Альшевская 4%
Группа 8


Белов 32%
Альшевский 3%
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Урок 10

1. We're at school now.
2. You were at home yesterday.
3. I went to Australia in 1997.
4. She lives in London now.
5. They bought their house in 1997.
6. It was cold and wet yesterday.

10.2 Betsy
Yesterday was Sunday, so I got up late, eleven thirty. I had a big breakfast, orange juice, toast, eggs, and coffee. Then I went shopping, to the supermarket, and I bought some chocolate and a Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Times. In the afternoon I listened to music for a bit and then I watched a film on TV. In the evening I cooked a meal just for me, not a big meal, just soup and a salad. I went to bed early, it was a lovely, lazy day.

work worked
watch watched
cook cooked
play played
stay stayed
listen listened

visit visited
want wanted
hate hated

10.5 Betsy and Dan

– Hi, Dan. Did you have a good weekend?
– Yes. I did, thanks.
– What did you do yesterday?
– Well, yesterday morning I got up early and I played tennis with some friends.
– You got up early on Sunday!
– I know, I know. I don't usually get up early on Sunday.
– Did you go out yesterday afternoon?
– No, I didn't. I just stayed at home. I watched the football on TV.
– Ugh, football! What did you do yesterday evening?
– Oh, I didn't do much. I worked a bit at my computer. I didn't go to bed late. About 11.00.

1. – Did you have a good weekend?
– Yes, I did.
2. – What did you do yesterday?
– I played tennis.
3. – Did you go out yesterday afternoon?
– No, I didn't.
4. – What did you do yesterday evening?
– I didn't do much. I didn't go to bed late.

– Did you get up early?
– Yes, I did.
– Did she get up early?
– No, she didn't.

We didn't go to work.
They didn't go to work.


1. – I went to the cinema.
– What did you see?
2. – I went shopping.
– What did you buy?
3. – I had a meal in a restaurant.
– What did you have?
4. – I saw my friends.
– Who did you see?
5. – I played football.
– Where did you play?
6. – I went to a party.
– What time did you leave?
7. – I did my homework.
– How much homework did you do?
8. – I did the housework.
– How much housework did you do?


– Did you go to the cinema last weekend?
– Yes, I did.
– What did you see?
– I saw The Boy from Bangkok.
– Was it good?
– Yes, it was.
– Did you have a meal in a restaurant?
– Yes, we did.
– What did you have?
– We had steak and chips.
– Was it good?
– No, it wasn't. It was horrible!


1. – Do you work in New York?
– No, I don't.
2. – Did she like the film?
– Yes, she did.
3. – Does he watch TV every evening?
– Yes, he does.
4. – Did you go out yesterday evening?
– No, we didn't.
5. – Did he go to the party?
– Yes, he did.
6. – Do you buy a newspaper every morning?
– Yes, I do.
7. – Does she usually go to bed late?
– No, she doesn't.
8. – Did they have a good time?
– No, they didn't.

Well, usually we go on holiday in summer. Yes, and usually we go to Spain ... but last year we ... ... last year we went to Switzerland, and we went in winter. We stayed in a chalet and we cooked all our own meals there. It was lovely. Yes, in Spain we usually stay in a hotel and eat in restaurants. It was good to do different things too. Usually we just go swimming and sit in the sun ... And I sometimes play golf, I love that! Ah yes, you do. But of course in Switzerland we went skiing every day, and sometimes we went ice-skating in the afternoons - it was great fun. And in the evenings we cooked a meal and then played cards. We had a very good time.
We love holidays - we always have a good time in Spain too.

1. Last year Colin and Fran didn't go on holiday in summer. They went in winter.
2. They didn't go to Spain. They went to Switzerland.
3. They didn't stay in a hotel. They stayed in a chalet.
4. They didn't eat in restaurants. They cooked their own meals.
5. They didn't go swimming. They went skiing.

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