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Урок 7

1. – What is the capital of Australia?
– Canberra.
2. – How old are the Pyramids?
– 4,500 years old.
3. – What time do Spanish people have dinner?
– Late. At 10.00 in the evening.
4. – Where does the American president live?
– In the white house.
5. – How many floors does the Empire State Building have?
– 86.
6. – How much is a hamburger in the US?
– $3.50.
7. – Who lives in Buckingham Palace?
– The Queen of England.

7.2 I love it here.
– This is a very beautiful house.
– Thank you, I like it very much too.
– Celine, you’re American. Why do you live here in London?
– Because I just love it here! The people are fantastic! I love them! And of course, my husband, Charles, is English, and I love him too.
– That’s a very nice photo. Who are they?
– My sons. That’s Matt, and that’s Jack. They go to school here. My daughter’s at school in the US. Her name’s Lisa-Marie.
– Why does Lisa-Marie go to school in the US?
– Because she lives with her father. My first husband, you know, the actor Dan Brat. I hate him and all his movies. I never watch them.
– I see. And does Lisa-Marie visit you?
– Oh, yes. She visits me every vacation. She’s here with me now.
– And is this a photo of you and Charles?
– Oh yes. It’s us in Hawaii. It’s our wedding. We’re so happy together.

1. – Do you like ice-cream? – Yes, I love it.
2. – Do you like dogs? – No, I hate them.
3. – Do you like me? – Of course I like you!
4. – Does your teacher teach you French? – No, she teaches us English.
5. – Do you like your teacher? – We like her very much.

1. – Why does Celine drink champagne?
– Because she likes it.
2. – Why do you eat oranges?
– Because I like them.
3. – Why does Annie want to marry Peter?
– Because she loves him.
4. – Why do you eat Chinese food?
– Because I like it.
5. – Why don’t you like your maths teacher?
– Because he gives us a lot of homework.
6. – Why does Miguel buy presents for Maria?
– Because he loves her.

1. – How do you come to school?
– By bus
2. – What do you have for breakfast?
– Toast and coffee.
3. – Who is your favourite pop group?
– I don’t have a favorite. I like a lot.
4. – Where does you father work?
– In an office in the center of town.
5. – Why do you want to learn English?
– Because it’s an international language.
6. – How much money do you have in your bag?
– Not a lot. About two pounds.
7. – When do lessons start at your school?
– They start at nine o’clock.
8. – How many language does your teacher speak?
– Three.

1. It’s lovely.
2. It’s horrible.
3. They’re old.
4. They’re new.
5. It’s big.
6. It’s small
7. He’s hot.
8. She’s cold
9. They’re expensive.
10. They’re cheap

7.7 A postcard from Dublin
Dear Alan,
We’re on holiday in Dublin this week. Our hotel is very nice – old and comfortable. The people are very friendly, and the food is delicious. Irish music is good and the beer is lovely! Dublin is beautiful. It’s a big city, with a lot of old buildings, and it isn’t expensive. The weather is horrible! It’s wet and it’s cold. See you soon.
Love, Donna and Sergio (your Italian students)

7.8 Keiko in town.
1. – Yes, please. Can I have a ham sandwich, please?
– OK.
– How much is that?
– Two pounds ninety, please.
– There you are.
– Thanks a lot.
2. – Hello. Can I try on this jumper, please?
– Of course. The changing rooms are just here.
3. – Can I send an email, please?
– OK. PC number two.
– How much is it?
– 1p a minute. Pay at the end, please.
4. – Good morning. Can I help you?
– Yes, please. Can I change this traveller’s cheque? How much is it?
– Fifty dollars.
– OK.
5. – Can I buy a return ticket to Oxford, please?
– Sure.
– How much is that?
– Twenty-two pounds fifty, please.
– Thank you.
– Twenty-five pounds. Here’s your ticket. And £2.50 change.

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