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Оксфордский курс

Урок 3

3.1 Jobs.
1. a teacher 2. a taxi driver 3. a police officer 4. a businessman
5. a doctor 6. a shop assistant 7. a nurse 8. a student

– What’s his job?
– He’s a teacher.
– What’s her job?
– She’s a doctor.

Урок 4

I, my
You, your
He, his
She, her
We, our
They, their

This is Sally Milton. She’s married, and this is her family. Their house is in London. She’s a teacher. Her school is in the center of town. Tom is Sally’s husband. He’s a bank manager. His bank is in the centre of town, too. ‘Our children are Kirsty and Nick. They’re students at Camden College. We’re happy in London’.