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Оксфордский курс

Урок 7

1. – What is the capital of Australia?
– Canberra.
2. – How old are the Pyramids?
– 4,500 years old.
3. – What time do Spanish people have dinner?
– Late. At 10.00 in the evening.
4. – Where does the American president live?
– In the white house.
5. – How many floors does the Empire State Building have?
– 86.
6. – How much is a hamburger in the US?
– $3.50.
7. – Who lives in Buckingham Palace?
– The Queen of England.

7.2 I love it here.
– This is a very beautiful house.
– Thank you, I like it very much too.
– Celine, you’re American. Why do you live here in London?
– Because I just love it here! The people are fantastic! I love them! And of course, my husband, Charles, is English, and I love him too.
– That’s a very nice photo. Who are they?
– My sons. That’s Matt, and that’s Jack. They go to school here. My daughter’s at school in the US. Her name’s Lisa-Marie.
– Why does Lisa-Marie go to school in the US?
– Because she lives with her father. My first husband, you know, the actor Dan Brat. I hate him and all his movies. I never watch them.
– I see. And does Lisa-Marie visit you?
– Oh, yes. She visits me every vacation. She’s here with me now.
– And is this a photo of you and Charles?
– Oh yes. It’s us in Hawaii. It’s our wedding. We’re so happy together.

Урок 8

living room
dining room

a bed
a cooker
a sofa
a TV
a shower
a table
a CD player
an armchair
a lamp
a picture
a magazine
a video recorder