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Оксфордский курс

Урок 9

1. fourteen twenty-six 1426
2. seventeen ninety-nine 1799
3. eighteen eighty 1880
4. nineteen thirty-nine 1939
5. nineteen sixty-one 1961
6. two thousand and seven 2007

1841 eighteen forty-one
1916 nineteen sixteen
2000 two thousand
2008 two thousand and eight
2015 two thousand and fifteen

Урок 10

1. We're at school now.
2. You were at home yesterday.
3. I went to Australia in 1997.
4. She lives in London now.
5. They bought their house in 1997.
6. It was cold and wet yesterday.

10.2 Betsy
Yesterday was Sunday, so I got up late, eleven thirty. I had a big breakfast, orange juice, toast, eggs, and coffee. Then I went shopping, to the supermarket, and I bought some chocolate and a Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Times. In the afternoon I listened to music for a bit and then I watched a film on TV. In the evening I cooked a meal just for me, not a big meal, just soup and a salad. I went to bed early, it was a lovely, lazy day.


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