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Оксфордский курс

Урок 11

11.1 What can they do?
1. Josh is a schoolboy. He can use a computer.
2. Sharon is an athlete. She can run fast.
3. Lucy is an architect. She can draw well.
4. Ted is an interpreter. He can speak French and German.
5. Archie is a farmer. He can drive a tractor.
6. Mabel is a grandmother. She can make cakes.

– Can Josh use a computer?
– Yes, he can.
– Can you use a computer?
– Yes, I can.
– Can Lucy draw well?
– Yes, she can.
– Can you draw well?
– No, I can't. I can't draw at all!

Урок 12

You can buy stamps in a post office. You can buy a dictionary in a book shop. You can buy a computer magazine in a newsagent. You can change money in a bank. You can buy a CD in a music shop. You can get a cup of coffee in a cafe. You can send an email in an Internet cafe.

12.2 A trip into town
1. – Good morning. I'd like a stamp for this letter to Venezuela, please.
– That's 75p.
– Thank you.
– Here you are, and 25p change.
– Thanks a lot. Bye.
2 – I'd like a cup of coffee, please.
– Would you like black or white?
– Black, please.
– All right. Here you are. One pound twenty, please.
3. – Hello. I'd like to buy a Spanish/English dictionary.
– OK. Would you like a big dictionary or a minidictionary?
– Just a minidictionary, please.
– This one is £4.99.
– That's fine. Thank you very much.


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