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Урок 13

1. George's jacket is black. Sadie's jacket is red.
2. His trousers are grey. Her trousers are green.
3. Her shirt is yellow. His shirt is white.
4. Her shoes are blue. His shoes are brown.

13.2 George on holiday.
Now George is on holiday in Thailand with his wife. He’s wearing a white T-shirt. His wife is reading a book. They’re having lunch. ‘We’re having a great holiday’, says George.

Урок 14

14.1 Ellie's holiday plans.
I'm going on holiday to Mexico next Friday, so next week's very busy. On Monday I'm collecting my tickets from the travel agent. I'm going on holiday with my friends Ed and Lucy, so on Tuesday I'm meeting them after work and we're going shopping. On Wednesday I'm seeing the doctor at eleven o'clock, then I'm having lunch with mum. On Thursday I'm leaving work early and I'm packing. I'm taking just a bag and a rucksack.
Then it's Friday. Friday's the big day! At six thirty in the morning I'm going by taxi to the airport. I'm meeting Ed and Lucy there and at nine thirty we're flying to Mexico City. I'm very excited!

What’s she doing on Monday?
She’s collecting her tickets.


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